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Auralís & Fililí

30 Nov

Designer – Auralís Herrero Lugo for Auralís

Designer – Luiny Rivera Gelpi for Fililí

Talent – Laura Wilson

Director – Mónica Félix

Shot/Chop – Omar King

Hair/Makeup – Karlo Beau

Graphic Design – Pat Broadgate

PA – Mayumi Yamada

PA – Jenny Macgregor Dennis

Special Thanks – Ramon Cruz, Miramar YC

Life Lesson # 206

30 Nov


29 Nov

Sequins are disk-shaped beads used for decorative purposes.

Try to find something with sequins, you’ll wear it this holiday.

Oh So High!

28 Nov

Photography  Christopher Ferguson

Model Tati Cotliar

70’s inspired high waisted jeans.

Monday Thought

28 Nov

DIY: Arbolitos

27 Nov

Sunday Listens

27 Nov

When you’re here,
Time stops.
And the lights shine further out.
The taste of a thousand kisses,
That even now make me laugh and talk.
Nothing else, nothing remains,
Only your laugh in the Bar,
Post cards, that follow on without stopping
Your aroma, sweet melody,
Even still has a place,
In the memory which is where it all,
Happens, once again,
Nothing else, nothing remains.


26 Nov 13 blk

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Saturday Look

26 Nov

Life Lesson #798

25 Nov

I guess I’ll try it then.


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