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Saturday Look

30 Mar


GATSBY Look Of The Month

28 Mar

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Model Viviana Arango for Epic Models

At GATSBY you can create fabulous looks and fashion-forward styles. Yo can go from sweet to edgy in a second.  There are no rules to follow when creating each outfit, be creative,  pastel colors match with everything. There shouldn’t be any problem experimenting with a variety of different looks to complement any style.



Thursday Speaks

28 Mar

march easter


Hello Spring!

20 Mar


DIY: Release a book

19 Mar fashion

The idea is to “release” (leave) a book in a public space.  You may participate on this event by releasing a book on March 21st, 2013, wherever you live or may be at the time.

To participate, leave a book in a public space with a dedication saying:

-That the book is a part of the “Lost Book Club“.

-That whoever finds it can keep it, but when they are done with it, it must be released again, so someone else may enjoy it.

-The date and place where it was left, so in each release is may be possible to see where it has been, and instructions for the next person to add his/her step.

Thank you for participating of this great crusade, and sharing the initiative with your friends!


Monday Thought

18 Mar


Monday Thought/ WBC

18 Mar

pueta_large_mugGOOD MORNING!!!!

Sunday Listens

17 Mar

Saturday Look

16 Mar


Leather jackets… buy one now and love it forever.


12 Mar



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